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Website Design by Doug Walker has been designing websites in the Indy area for over 10 years. Developing both personal and business websites for customers across the United States. Websites ranging from personal blogs to international franchise websites. Call me at 317-495-2518 to see if I can help you get your website up and running. You will wish you did it a long time ago.


When I hired Doug Walker to do my Law Firm and Abstract Company Web Pages design, it was a leap of faith as I had no experience with any Web Page designers, much less Doug Walker. I had found his Web Site via a Google search, looked at some of his examples and dove in with him. It was the most painless relationship that I have ever had with someone doing work on my Web Site. He was professional and very competent and within a time frame that almost blew my mind, he had my Site up and Running. To this day , it suits my purposes to a ‘T’ and the tools that he added for my use of the Site were as easy to use as I have ever encountered. I don’t know whether or not any one to whom I have recommended his services has actually used his services, but I know they would be happy. If I ever have a redesign or change issues, you can be sure I will use him again. He even did a lot of his work on my Site on the weekend and I was able to have back and forth with him almost in real time to get things going. The last thing I have to to say that his charges were well within reason, based on other pricing that I had done.